Spice lovers, take note: These authentic Indian recipes, including oven-baked tandoori chicken, tangy raita and refreshing mango lassi, are exactly what you need to shake up your recipe routine.

  1. Bal's Must-Have Spices

    Spice Up Your Life

    Stock up on traditional essentials and you’ll be halfway to creating virtually any Indian recipe. 

  2. Chaat Room: 9 Indian Small Bites and Breads

    Chaat Room: 9 Indian Small Bites and Breads

    Translating to "a savory snack or small bite," chaats are to Indian diets what tapas are to Spanish ones: serious flavor in two bites. 

  3. Indian Vegetarian Recipes

    Meatless, But Not Flavorless

    You won't miss the meat in these hearty, brightly flavored Indian vegetarian dishes.

  4. 12 Hearty Main Courses

    Hearty Indian Main Courses 

    Let spice take center stage at the table with these regional specialties. 

  5. How to Make Fresh Naan

    Naan Compliant: The Best Indian Bread

    This simple naan recipe is the perfect vehicle for scooping up everything on your plate. Go ahead and dig in. 

  6. Easy Indian Recipes

    11 Indian Takes on Classic Comfort Food

    Change up your dinner routine with easy Indian takes on comfort classics like mac and cheese, pizza and more.

  7. Tandoori Chicken

    Oven-Baked Tandoori Chicken 

    Bal shows you how to get smoky flavors and juicy meat at home — even if you don’t own a prized clay oven.

  8. Indian Sweets and Drinks

    Indian Drinks and Desserts You Gotta Chai

    Stay out of too-sweet territory with these hot-and-sweet drinks and desserts.

  9. Recipes for an Indian Summer

    6 Recipes for an Indian Summer

    Lend Indian flair to your next dinner party with these festive recipes. 

  10. Watch Rachel Make Vindaloo

    Rachael’s Secret Sauce: Vindaloo

    Rachael loves this make-ahead meal as much for its robust flavor as its versatility. 

  11. Gluten-Free Chicken Masala

    Gluten-Free Indian Dinner: Chicken Masala

    Elegant enough for a party but simple enough for a weeknight, Bal's chicken is the go-to GF dish.

  12. Cardamom Recipes

    25 Ways to Use Cardamom

    Find out how to use one of the most-expensive spices in the world, with both sweet and savory applications.

  13. Where to Eat Indian Food in NYC

    How New York City Gets It Right

    Comedian by profession, Indian food guru by passion, Aasif Mandvi explores the best food offerings in NYC, bringing legendary chef Madhur Jaffrey along for the adventure. 

  14. Watch the Videos

    Learn from the Pros

    Ready to spice things up? Catch up with these Cooking Channel chefs as they share their favorite Indian recipes.   




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