Discover authentic Mexican recipes from the chefs at Cooking Channel, including taco and guacamole recipes, fajitas and enchilada recipes, plus margaritas and sweet Mexican desserts.

  1. 1 Best Margarita Recipes

    Margaritas and Mexican Drinks

    Pour a pitcher of cold, perfectly mixed margaritas, spike brunch with a michelada or cool down with an agua fresca.

  2. 2 Queso Fundido + More Mexican Appetizers

    The Apps Are Where It's At

    Get your fiesta or everyday fete started with spicy dips, quesadillas and more shareable, bite-size Mexican favorites.

  3. 3 Taco Recipes

    Taco Tuesdays

    Whether filled with crispy fish, shredded slow-cooked pork or spicy steak, tacos are an upward trending Mexican favorite.

  4. 4 How to Throw a Fiesta

    Throw a Fiesta

    Tacos, guacamole and margaritas become a festive Mexican fiesta with a few decorative elements, games and favors.

  5. 5 Chiles Rellenos + More Spicy Recipes

    The Heat Is On

    Make meals that rank high on the Scoville Scale by cooking with the spiciest chiles and other fiery ingredients.

  6. 6 Guacamole Recipes and Salsa Recipes

    Rockin’ Guacs and Salsas

    Set a celebratory tone at any get-together with big bowls of fresh, creamy guacamole and zesty, just-made salsa.

  7. 7 Mexican Main Dishes: Enchiladas, Fajitas and More

    Mexican for Dinner

    Twist those tortillas into enchiladas, fajitas and quesadillas or make chocolate-fueled mole dishes.

  8. 8 Mexican Comfort Food Feast

    Feast Your Eyes on Comfort Food

    Make a buffet of comforting Mexican favorites like tortilla soup and smoky enchiladas.

  9. 9 How to Make Tamales

    Hot Tamales!

    Making fresh corn tamales at home is easy with this recipe and step-by-step guide from food blogger Ana Sofia Pelaez.

  10. 10 Rice, Beans + More Mexican Sides

    Essential Side Dishes

    Temper spicy dishes and fill out your plate with classic Mexican sides like rice and beans.

  11. 11 Sweet Mexican Dessert Recipes

    Sweet Mexican Dessert Recipes

    Try your hand at traditional churros with chocolate, or go for chocolate cake, flan and more Mexican sweets.

  12. 12 Mexican Breakfast Recipes

    Mexican Breakfasts

    Classic chilaquilas, huevos rancheros, breakfast burritos and more spicy recipes will wake you up quickly in the AM.

  13. 13 Mexican Soups and Stews

    Mexican Soups and Stews

    Find warm, spicy Mexican recipes for a crowd, like Rachael’s pork posole and tortilla soup.

  14. 14 Best Mexican Recipes

    Mexican Menu Planner

    Mix and match our top Mexican recipes and cook up the ultimate fiesta menu.

  15. 15 Hungry Girl's Low-Fat Mexican Substitutions

    Guilt-Free Mexican

    Keep your Mexican fiesta guilt-free with tips and substitutions from Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien.

  16. 16 Travel to Mexico with Fany Gerson

    Travel to Mexico

    Step inside the energy of a Mexican food market with cookbook author and food blogger Fany Gerson.




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