Get to know authentic Chinese cooking – quite different from the greasy takeout food you might be used to – and experience the yin and yang of a well-balanced, good-for-you Chinese recipe, with the help of Ching-He Huang and other Cooking Channel chefs.

  1. 1 Ching-He Huang

    Ching-He Huang

    Ching's changing the face of Asian food in America one dish at a time by helping chefs of established restaurants and home cooks alike reinvent authentic Chinese dishes.

  2. 2 Yangzhou Fried Rice

    Better Than Chinese Takeout

    Ditch takeout for the fresher ingredients, healthier preparation and customizable flavors of Chinese food made at home.

  3. 3 Chinese Cooking Ingredients

    Top 10 Chinese Ingredients

    Soy sauce is a must (both light and dark), but you’ll need these other sauces and spices to get your wok on, anytime.

  4. 4 Chinese Chicken Recipes

    Chinese Chicken, 11 Ways

    Affordable and easy to cook, chicken is as popular in Chinese cuisine – from takeout classics to authentic street food – as it is across the globe.

  5. 5 Ching's Stir-Frying Tips

    Master the Stir-Fry

    Ching shows how to create a perfectly balanced stir-fry by mixing yin and yang ingredients, flavors and textures.

  6. 6 Chinese Dumplings Recipe and How-To

    DIY Dumplings

    Dumplings are super easy to make: Start with store-bought or homemade dough, add fillings, then fry or steam.

  7. 7 Chinese Noodles Recipes

    Oodles of Noodles

    From the meins to the funs with lots of soup in between, noodles are a hallmark of Chinese culture.

  8. 8 How to Cook With a Wok

    Wok 101

    Find out how to choose the wok that's right for you, then learn how to season it to create optimally flavored dishes.

  9. 9 Ching's Regional Chinese Cooking Guide

    Regional Chinese Cuisine

    Explore the differences in regional Chinese cuisine, from the Peking duck of the North to the congee of the South.

  10. 10 Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

    Chinese New Year Traditions

    Find out which gifts and behaviors are considered to be good luck – and those that should be avoided.

  11. 11 Banana Toffee Fritters + Chinese Desserts

    The Sweet Side of Sichuan

    Skip the fortune cookies and serve authentic, fruity desserts like banana-toffee fritters or sweet spring rolls.




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